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What We Do

Providing affordable, quality housing
Stellar Living provides quality housing choices for families and singles.We aim to be innovative in providing new, sustainable housing options. We are committed to providing a professional service, delivering quality housing choices.Initially we are focused on supplying rental properties to people on or eligible for the Department of Housing waiting list.

As Stellar grows up to 25% of our properties will be on the open market.

Affordable Housing

The median house price in Perth has risen 300% since 1993, far outstripping increases in median income. For many people, this has put quality, secure housing beyond their reach.

The Definition of Affordable Housing

  • “Affordable housing” bridges this gap by reducing tenancy or ownership costs. Definitions of affordable housing vary slightly.
  • The WA Department of Housing defines “Affordable housing” as being no more than 74.9%
    of the open market rate.
  • The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) defines Affordable as 80% of market value
    as set by the ATO.

What is Affordable Housing?

Affordable housing is generally not public housing of the type provided by State Governments. People taking up affordable housing need not be recipients of government payments. Often they are pensioners, but they could also be employed in jobs that are low paid relative to local accommodation costs.Although governments assist with financing, most affordable housing is provided by community organisations and by private investors through the NRAS scheme.

Need for Affordable Housing

The need for affordable housing is particularly acute in WA where the mining book has created a “two-speed economy”. Housing prices are driven by the high speed mining industry, taking them beyond the reach of people in the lower speed economy.

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