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Partners And Benefits

At Stellar Living, our expertise is in creating successful residential communities, including new developments and rejuvenation of existing stock. We fund affordable housing, ensuring an immediate supply of reliable tenants – and we provide proven, very efficient property management.

Stellar Living is actively seeking partnerships with businesses including developers and builders, private investors, government and other community and church groups, to create more innovative housing, better-managed projects – and enhanced profits. Stellar uses its share of profits for increased social investment.

Stellar Living can manage the redevelopment of existing properties to release value, enhance cash flow and achieve objectives. We can develop greenfields sites through to urban renewal and infill. Projects can be from one dwelling to entire communities.

The investment framework could be limited to the development phase, it might include sale or it could extend to ongoing property management.

Stellar is new and ambitious: our charitable and community status and social goals drive us to be innovative in meeting client needs. Partnering with us could extend your reach, increase your returns and earn you some worthwhile community recognition as a contributor to better housing and social outcomes.

If you want to be a social investor, to increase your reach, to release value from existing properties – and to make good profits with reduced risk – consider thinking outside the tired old housing paradigm and talk with us.  

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