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Property Inspections

Stellar Living will provide new tenants with a property that is clean, secure and maintained in good repair that complies with health, building and safety requirements.

Tenants will be given copies of the Property Condition Report (PCR) at the beginning of their tenancy, and Stellar Living will complete regular inspections during the tenancy and arrange maintenance as necessary.

Tenants are advised in writing of the pending inspection in accordance with requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), and Stellar Living will negotiate a day and time that is convenient. Tenants are advised they do not need to be present for an inspection as Stellar Living can gain entry using the spare keys to complete the arranged inspection. 

Should the property not be satisfactorily maintained by the tenant then a follow up inspection may be arranged within three to six weeks or a FORM 20 Notice to Tenant  of Breach of Agreement sent. The notice requires the tenant to address the property concerns within 14 days to avoid further legal action under the RTA.

The tenant will be informed in writing of the follow-up inspection, including details of what needs to be rectified. If a Form 20 was also issued then the follow-up inspection will be to see that the issues have been rectified. Failure to rectify the Breach can result in further legal recovery actions. 




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