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Vacating your Stellar Home

When you wish to leave your Stellar Living tenancy you must:

  • Give appropriate notice (periodic tenancies to give 21 days and fixed -term tenancies to give 30 days based on The Residential Tenancies Act) in writing or via the contact form. If you use the contact form please head it “Vacating Premises Notice” and be sure to include the address, a contact phone number and the date you are leaving. Please advice us if you require a reference.
  • Ensure the premises are clean and in good repair.
  • Remove everything that is not part of the tenancy.
  • Ensure all rent etc is fully paid up.
  • Arrange with Stellar for a final inspection.
  • Notify Synergy, Water Corporation and Alinta (if you have gas) – see Links for contact details.

Your bond refund will be mailed to you after the final inspection, subject to any deductions for cleaning, damages and unpaid accounts.

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