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Our Values


Care & Respect – We will treat people with respect, dignity and common courtesy with recognition of the intrinsic worth of all human beings and the importance of sustaining their dignity and valuing their views.

Integrity – Taking an honest, fair, ethical and transparent approach in everything we do.

Collaboration – We are not afraid to work with others towards reaching a common goal. We share our knowledge and skills to help develop our internal capacity to ensure effective and efficient outcome.

Innovation – Actively striving to develop new ways of ‘thinking and doing’ things in our business and in challenging others to do the same.

Acceptance – Welcoming people in all their diversity in a manner that diminishes anxieties, enhances self worth, communicates goodwill and leads to reconciliation.

Excellence – We strive for a culture of excellence in all we do.


We believe that secure, appropriate, quality housing is essential to people being able to live a good life.

  • Maintaining regular employment is near impossible without a proper place to live.
  • Full participation in society depends on having a “place of your own”.
  • Strong, resilient families need good housing as their base.
  • “Home” is essential to self esteem and identity and to being able to plan for the future.

Falling into homelessness or inadequate, insecure housing is a trigger point and a warning sign for many other problems, including unemployment, ill-health (including mental health), family breakdown, substance abuse and even suicide.

By investing in improved access to housing we can earn a social dividend that includes reducing this wide range of problems.

Social investment in housing is especially needed in Western Australia, where the uneven distribution of mining wealth has created a “two speed economy”, with housing prices driven above the means of many people who are not part of the high-speed mining sector.

The purpose of Stellar Living is to improve access to housing for people who are marginalised in the open market by low income, single parenthood, health problems and racial or cultural differences.

Stellar Living is a social investor and entrepreneur, seeking to use its resources in innovative ways that create better housing outcomes for more people and, as a result, a better society and quality of life for all.

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