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Your Rights & Responsibilities

At Stellar Living we strive to provide quality, affordable, appropriate and secure accommodation that foster personal growth, improves conditions and assists tenants and their families to have confidence in their futures by helping them strive for higher goals.

In providing this service we always seek to demonstrate our belief in the intrinsic worth of persons by respecting differences, cherishing individuality and nourishing dignity.

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a client of Stellar Living is central to what we do.

As a client of Stellar Living you have a right to:

  • Be treated in a professional, courteous, and caring manner that respects and appreciates differences related to race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, personal values, age, disability, and economic or veteran status.
  • To expect that your personal privacy will be respected and confidentiality protected to the greatest extent permitted by law.
  • Choose to use or not to use our services.
  • A prompt service. Our goal is to provide the best possible service.
  • A quality product.
  • Receive accurate and relevant information in a timely manner.
  • Request transfer to another staff member.
  • Make a complaint about the service received from Stellar Living and expect that this complaint will be investigated appropriately and in confidence.
  • Read your records with a Stellar Living representative in attendance.

As a client of Stellar Living you have a responsibility to:

  • Be respectful of others, including your neighbours and Stellar Living staff and volunteers.
  • Be respectful of Stellar Living’s property.
  • Provide accurate information about yourself including any changes in your circumstances.
  • Look after your Stellar property and keep it in good condition.
  • Keep your rent and other financial obligations up to date.
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