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Tenant Advisory Committee

Our Tenant Advisory Committee (referred to as TAC) is a forum for tenants and household members of Stellar Living to become involved in the activities of Stellar Living and to provide feedback on the way we deliver our services.

Objectives of the TAC

  • Act as a platform to represent tenants’ diverse needs and interests in relation to housing policy and service delivery;
  • Create ways to improve services – such as the quality of cleaning services or common property problems for example.
  • To provide feedback to Stellar on matters to help improve policies, operations and influence service delivery that provides the best outcome for tenants whilst meeting the needs and legal requirements of the organisation;
  • Assist in the development of tenant involvement activities that enhance community development and engagement;
  • Organise social or other activities for the benefit of tenants;
  • Help break down the isolation potentially felt by some individual tenants;
  • Report on the business of the TAC in the tenant and resident newsletters and through other relevant communication channels to tenants;
  • Support Stellar advocacy work and its voices on the need for affordable housing in the community.

The TAC is a forum to discuss collective and overall issues. If a member has a personal or private issue with their tenancy or property they should raise it with their Property Officer.

TAC is a fantastic way to meet new people and to contribute to the wider community of residents.

The TAC can actively influence a wide range of topics that affect residents. For example:

  • Information provided via the annual Tenancy Satisfaction Survey;
  • Improving our letters to residents;
  • Redesigning the newsletter;
  • Providing specific feedback to inform and improve tenancy policies and practises;
  • Learning more about affordable housing and social issues;
  • Suggesting improvements to our website.

We encourage all residents of Stellar to volunteer to be an active participant in TAC.

For a copy of our full Tenant Advisory Committee brochure or to to request a Nomination form, please email us on .

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